Meet Aurora

Australia’s most reliable multipurpose shade that keeps you safe in the sun, cool in the heat & secure in the wind.

Sun, Sea & Sand — The Perfect Recipe... Right?

Without a durable beach shade that protects you from the strong Aussie sun and won't blow away with a breeze;

that perfect beach day can quickly turn into
a little too much sun
and not so much fun!

Lightweight & Ready to go!

Our Pico & Pronto size canopies weigh less than 2.5 kg. Its the only pop up shade that you can fit into a small suitcase! Whether its a last minute trip to Queensland or a roadtrip up to Broome - you'll be ready for every sunny adventure!

Whatever the Weather

Aurora Shades are Australia’s most reliable shade solution that'll keep you:

SAFE in the sun
COOL in the heat &
SECURE in the wind!


make the most of your days outdoors with aurora shades

The Best Beach Shades Available

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the perfect shade for every adventure

It's versatility is only limited by one's imagination. Clip your shade onto anything for even more options!

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Our triple overlock system makes sure you can make the most out of your beach shade for as long as you're making the most of the outdoors.

Overlock stitching encloses the seam and stops the fabric from fraying which are then further strengthened by our reinforced corners.

When the blue skies turn to grey, your Aurora Shade stands strong & is water resistant!

Enjoy views from every direction with Aurora Shades. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you gaze out to the sea and appreciate mother nature.

Our shades can be put up in a few minutes.
Tip: It’s much easier and faster with friends and family to help!

Click on the button below for an easy to follow step-by-step video!

Set Up Tutorial

We recommend a standard cold or a delicate wash cycle.

Avoid machine drying. From our experience it's best to air-dry your shade to preserve its colour and fresh look.


We want Aurora Shades to be a part of your explorations. Get outside, enjoy yourselves. Because that's what life is all about!

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